This platform has introduced a network based on the use of virtual reality in this modern day world. It is actually the first of its kind of the blockchain, establishing its unique ecosystem with special usecases for users to get started with using the token and enjoying all of its usecases. The token ecosystem even so is now designed to meet the need of users and ensure that the goals of this platform can be realised fast enough.

Through the token of this platform, the users will be able to generate non Fungible token for themselves, this is going to be a way of earning even though its a passive income, it will be great, all the users now having additional income, earning will however be that become so easy and effortless.


Talking about the market size, the virtual reality market is having a really high value of over 25 billion us dollars Currently and that shows how important it is to optimize it, growing it even more and making the stakeholders in this platform to take advantage of the market. This market however in a short while will grow and become more promising which is why the users in this platform have to be serious about this platform to be in the position of a vantage when the VR market begins to grow.

This platform has come to solve the problems associated with the VR industry, these problems have been responsible for the lack of progress in this industry, they have prevented it from going mainstream and from delivering quality contents over the years.


So firstly, this platform has come to improve the quality produced by this industry, this is got to be through the use of high standard features and other well crafted tools.

For the average user in this platform, the cost of using VR will be minimal, it will be better off than what they have been facing so as to go past the expensive cost and the use of expensive apps.

More monetizing options will now be provided and VR will become mainstream for industries. The monetization will help the users to earn in this network and in the industry.

Another solution is the creation of some powerful tools to function in the VR world and make apps Available to users. This will improve their ability to share and create new VR products and also share the experience with others in the same industry. The value this will add is the experience and the new way of monetizing VR and the products.


More and more unique contents will be provided, they will be created and will end up attracting the users to ensure growth in the industry. This will cause a great growth and the interest of the users will increase as they find unique ways to grow their system. This will also make the platform interactive as more contents are produced. The team of this platform are those who have expertise in the VR industry, they are the ones who will steer the platform and ensure the continuity of the solutions provided.


Bitcointalk Username: Goldada
Bitcointalk Profile Link:;u=2659339



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